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There are various scales for the measurement of open-mindedness. Harding and Hare have argued that schools should emphasize open-mindedness more than. Then why would you be any different? As Dalio makes clear, you must be active in the process of open-mindedness: It won't happen by accident. A few years ago, scientists from various universities started porting this idea into the realm of everyday psychology. Then in , professors. Social and cognitive psychologists have noted widespread errors in judgment/thinking to which we are all vulnerable. In order to be open-minded, we have to work. Open your mind and see all the benefits that it can have for you and the whole world. Here are some benefits of being open-minded. We have all encountered that one person who is closed off and set in their ways. More often than not, it gets under our skin and we are. All jokes aside, there are several different aspects of open-mindedness. So, what does it mean to be open-minded? Defined as “a willingness to consider new. But truly being open-minded involves some tricky mental work. “Assimilation is easy, because the new information fits all of our other. One of its central components is avoiding cognitive biases. By actively thinking in an open-minded way, people take multiple perspectives into. Closed-mindedness in the inability or difficulty to consider different ideas or opinions. While it is easy to spot in others, we are all guilty of closed-.

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