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transitive verb. Synonyms & Antonyms of demean · belittle, · castigate, · criticize, · cry down, · decry, · depreciate, · detract, · diminish. to cause someone to become less respected: The entire family was demeaned by his behaviour. I wouldn't demean myself by asking my. Demean definition, to lower in dignity, honor, or standing; debase: He demeaned himself by accepting the bribe. See more. To demean someone is to insult them. To demean is to degrade or put down a person or thing. demean · demeande‧mean /dɪˈmiːn/ verb [transitive] · DOWNto do something that makes people lose respect for someone or something → degrade language that demeans. Define demean. demean synonyms, demean pronunciation, demean translation, English dictionary definition of demean. tr.v. de·meaned, de·mean·ing, de·means. verb. archaic demean oneself. Conduct oneself in a particular way. Definition of DEMEAN (verb): make people have less respect for someone. Definition of DEMEAN YOURSELF (phrase): do something that makes people respect you less.

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